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······ My Story ······

Read my story and why I felt this cookbook would make it easier for others to lose weight on the 6 Week Body Makeover.


······ ChooseMyPlate.gov ······

I am including the new MyPlate from the USDA.

In 2010, MyPlate replaced the Food Pyramid, also shown below.

These are here for informational purposes only. MyPlate and the 6WBMO do not necessarily complement or support each other but it is a good point of reference and their website has some useful dietary information.

The New ChooseMyPlate

Build a Healthy Meal
Tips for Healthy Meals
A healthy meal starts with more vegetables and fruits and smaller portions of protein and grains. Think about how you can adjust the portions on your plate to get more of what you need without too many calories. And donⴠforget dairy筡ke it the beverage with your meal or add fat-free or low-fat dairy products to your plate. Go to ChooseMyPlate.gov for more information.

1 Make Half Your Plate Veggies and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are full of nutrients and may help to promote good health. Choose red, orange, and dark-green vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

2 Add Lean Protein

Choose protein foods, such as lean beef and pork, or chicken, turkey, beans, or tofu. Twice a week, make seafood the protein on your plate.

3 Include Whole Grains

Aim to make at least half your grains whole grains. Look for the words 㱰0% whole grain䠯r 㱰0% whole wheat䠯n the food label. Whole grains provide more nutrients, like fiber, than refined grains.

4 DonⴠForget the Dairy

Pair your meal with a cup of fat-free or low-fat milk. They provide the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as whole milk, but less fat and calories. Donⴠdrink milk? Try soy milk (soy beverage) as your beverage or include fat-free or low-fat yogurt in your meal.

5 Avoid Extra Fat

Using heavy gravies or sauces will add fat and calories to otherwise healthy choices. For example, steamed broccoli is great, but avoid topping it with cheese sauce. Try other options, like a sprinkling of low-fat parmesan cheese or a squeeze of lemon.

6 Take Your Time

Savor your food. Eat slowly, enjoy the taste and textures, and pay attention to how you feel. Be mindful. Eating very quickly may cause you to eat too much.

7 Use a Smaller Plate

Use a smaller plate at meals to help with portion control. That way you can finish your entire plate and feel satisfied without overeating.

8 Take Control of Your Food

Eat at home more often so you know exactly what you are eating. If you eat out, check and compare the nutrition information. Choose healthier options such as baked instead of fried.

9 Try New Foods

Keep it interesting by picking out new foods youⶥ never tried before, like mango, lentils, or kale. You may find a new favorite! Trade fun and tasty recipes with friends or find them online.

10 Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in a Healthy Way

Indulge in a naturally sweet dessert dish禲uit! Serve a fresh fruit cocktail or a fruit parfait made with yogurt. For a hot dessert, bake apples and top with cinnamon.

10 tips Nutrition Education Series DG TipSheet No. 7 June 2011 USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Used with permission, USDAⳠCenter for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

The Retired Food Pyramid

1 Fats, Oils, Sweets: use sparingly
2 Milk, Yogurt & Cheese: 2-3 servings
3 Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs & Nuts: 2-3 servings
4 Vegetables: 3-5 servings
5 Fruits: 2-4 servings
6 Bread, Cereal, Rice & Pasta: 6-11 servings


······ Free Recipes ······

Try 3 recipes from the cookbook absolutely free:

Chicken in Green Sauce Chicken cooked in a homemade green tomatillo sauce. Delicioso!

Chicken with Paprika and Potatoes An all-in-one meal. What could be easier?

Crispy Potato Slices This recipe satisfies my craving for fried potatoes. I love potatoes!

Plus get your free bonus of 30 summer lemonade recipes.

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